Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eight steps to building a raised bed garden

This is a how-to post of how to build a raised bed garden. It's completely femalerized, as I am female, and probably not informative what-so-ever. As we discussed yesterday, the boyfriend and I created a garden bed for our future greens. It was A LOT of work but it came out perfect.

But first, a newsworthy mention: I had my first cameo doing a Guest Post over at Pure2Raw.com. Check it out! There's an awesome recipe in there... The Truffaroon.

I hope you enjoy the Eight Step How-To of Building a Raised Bed Garden.

Step One: Go to Home Depot (Uuuuuug)
Let your boyfriend/husband/non-Home-Depot-hater (N.H.D.H.)
pick out all the essential items.

Step Two: Take a picture of the pressure treated lumber that you will be using.
Have the boyfriend/husband/N.H.D.H cut the wood to appropriate footage

Step Three: Start digging.
And dig.
 And dig.
 And dig.

Step Four: Help (and watch, I mean supervise) screwing in the sides of bed into posts.
This is a delicate procedure. Be prepared to operate heavy machinery. Well, a hand drill.
Make sure the sides are level and posts (when set into post holes) are level.

Step Five: After the front and two sides are attached securely, proceed in lifting heavy box frame
into the large hole you have created. 
Make sure the posts fit evenly and level into the deep post holes.

Step Six: Keep reading, as these so called descriptions probably really make no sense. Just go with it.
And make sure your boyfriend/husband/N.H.D.H. fits into his grave garden box.

Step Seven: Shovel some more dirt into the newly made garden box.

And finally...
Step Eight: Drink a beer while looking like a redneck inside of your level and completed raised bed garden.

Finish the long day of hard work and success with a barbeque!
Sweet potatoes, white potatoes (for the man), onions, tomatoes, and roasting garlic
Lamb burgers with parsley, cilantro, onion, and lots of spices included.

Yes, it's meat. I'm sorry. I'm only human and it was the first meat I'd had in a month. 
And it was good.
I had my fix for another month though. I love my veggie ways too much.
First and last burger for another couple of months, at least.


(actually the other side of lawn but it's the same slope)
 Our new lovely garden bed.
Soon to be filled with dirt and seedlings.

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Sweet and Savory said...

Don't apologize for eating meat! Everyone has to indulge once in awhile, and if for you that is a lamb burger, than so be it! I hope you enjoyed:)

Lori said...

Ooooh I did! Thanks!

Kelly Michelle said...

wow I would love to have a garden! super jealous, I get exactly no land at all living in my apartment. I don't even have anywhere good for potted herbs :(

Lori said...

Kelly Michelle- that makes me sad! Do you have any places for growing herbs? Start small...? On a windowsill? I wish I could give you some space for plants!

Anonymous said...

I was going to say the same thing - no need to apologize for anything you eat! Those burgers look tasty!

I love NHDH as an acronym. I consider myself an HDH also. My method of making a raised bed garden? Mention to your landlord that you want one, but don't have the tools, can you borrow them? Next weekend, he is in backyard building it for me. Perfection.

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

CRAP i just had a comment munched
ok short version, loved your post today on Pure 2
love this garden, awesome work!!!!

Pure2Raw Twins said...

Great tips girl! Now when my boyfriend gets back from playing over in Paris, I will have him build me one ;)

Lori said...

Twins- Oh yeah! How is Paris going for him???

Averie- Thanks!!! I hate when that happens too!!!

Kelly Michelle said...

No I know, how sad is that I don't even have a windowsill that's big enough. But even if I did the way my building is designed and I am on the ground floor almost no natural light hits them anyways! It keeps it cool but :(

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