Friday, February 26, 2010

Epicism or Epicist

(n) A belief in impressiveness; belief in surpassing the ordinary (especially in size or scale) -The dictionary of Lori
(n) One who writes epics. -Wiktionary

(I laughed at that last one. It thoroughly amused me.)

I believe that both of these are accomplished in this post. Does that make me an Epicismist?
Last night put together the most amazing dinner salad. It may be called an epic salad, by my terms.

It started with the last bit of Zummus I made the other day. To that I took the amazing ideas from a visionary,  a spoonful of tomato paste and nutritional yeast. Followed by ground dried chili pepper, garlic powder, and cumin. Mix that you and get spanish zummus sauce(? yeah, I like that).
Then, after filling a bowl with crispy greens (red butter lettuce, yum), cilantro, green onions, red peppers, and spicy red chilis...
I threw on some spanish zummus sauce, half a small, baked acorn squash, and my finished kim chee.
 Remember this guy??
She's done!!
Mix and mingle
Epicism at it's finest.


And the Kim Chee, best I've ever made. Wow. Easy and delicious. Also, filled with all those fermented friendly bacteria that your gut loves.
The Kim Chee included:
Shredded napa cabbage and red, carrots, green onions, kabocha squash (cool huh), salt, red pepper flakes, and lovely spicy Shiracha sauce. 
I figured it would be spicy because I added a lot of Shiracha sauce, but it wasn't too bad. And my favorite part of the mix was the kabocha squash, baked, then added. SO GOOD. Do try!

HAPPY FRIDAY, everyone!

What are your plans for the weekend??

I'm going to watch an MMA fight tomorrow morning, after boot camp, with some fellow MMA'ers from class! I can't wait! Not that I'm really into fighting but I know some of the people competing and it's cool to watch how my kickboxing and boot camp classes get incorporated into an actual fight/spar.


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Katie said...

I so want to try that kim chee. Did you put any water or liquid in it?

Lori said...

Hi Katie! No, I didn't add any liquids. But this time there was a lot of liquid... all from the veggies. When you "massage" the veggies with salt, step 1, they release liquids and become soft. After they start to break down, via fermentation, they release even more. This batch is juicy!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

hey girl got your email, no time today for a proper reply, but i will later on or tomorrow :) i love the kim chee colors, it's beautiful!!!!

Pure2Raw Twins said...

Salad does like epic :) Yay for fermented foods! So pretty and I bet delicious. You tummy is probably so happy right now LOL!

Lori said...

Twins- Happy tummy or gassy tummy... haha! I love fermented foods but sometimes my body needs some adjusting time.

The Apple Hill Adventurer said...

my gosh that all looks GREAT!
Nice to visit your blog :)

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