Sunday, January 31, 2010

Much ado about nothing

 I've had an action packed (all food related of course) weekend.

Let's start with breakfast shall we?

Saturday morning I was laying in bed reading some blog related news. It was then that
Ohh May's newest add-in, nutritional yeast. Now, I use nutritional yeast all the time but not with sweet foods... interest. Her premise is that adding nutritional yeast to smoothies or desserts add a "cheesecake" flavor (nutritional yeast has a subtile, cheesey flavor). Let's try out this theory of Mae's.
Cheesecake Oatmeal
  • 1/2 rolled oats
  • water to cover oats
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tsp tahini
  • 1/2 tsp nutritional yeast
  • fresh or frozen fruit of choice (blueberries and goji's for me)
  • stevia
  • chia seeds (just for fun)
  • lucuma powder (if available)
Heat the oats and water in microwave until water is gone and oats are fluffy (1-2 minutes). To the cooked oats, add the rest of the ingredients. Eat.
And Mae, you are a genious! Nutritional yeast in sweet creations is amazing! I was happily surprised.
Those oats were good.
And then onto lunch. 
Nori rolled mess
Nori smeared with miso paste and topped with cabbage and spices
Atop this came the beans, qunioa, *Kim Chee, and nutritional yeast (yes, I may be obessed)
Close up of the beast

*Side note. This stuff is amazing. I love making my own Kim Chee, but when laziness sets in, buy this.
(at most Whole Foods')

And, it's dinner already!

I told you there was a lot of food related activites...
Japanese sweet potato fries about to make their way into the oven
Boyfriend pouring his beer
About this beer: The boyfriend and I were watching Three Sheets Hawaii, Travel Channel, and this beer was one of the featured beers. It sounded good so I tracked it down (rare) and bought it. 
Maui Brewing Company's Coconut Porter
I'm not a big beer drinker but I can appreciate a good beer. This was really good.
And it was made with coconut... automatically I have to try it.

Anyway, back to the food.
Japanese Inspired Dinner
Vegan Wasabi "Mayo"
to top the sweet potato fries
Tuna Poke
made by Sascha (boyfriend)
these came out perfect!
Mine didn't make the transfer to my plate well
And Japanese soup of miso broth, shrimp, mung bean sprouts, radish shoots, king mushrooms, and a soft pouched egg
Honestly, there was so much food that I had only a few bites of the soup. 
(And had extra sweet potato fries... I love sweet potatoes...)

The Tuna Poke is something you have to try. It's so simple and tasty and completely clean eating.
I promise to post the recipe later on after my boyfriend wakes up (lazy!) and I can ask to list the exact ingredients. But do try!

And that's about it for Saturday's meals. And since it's early on this (finally sunny) Sunday morning, not much to report yet for meals.

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Tricia said...

Yum yum yum!

And what a cool beer, I'll have to keep my eye out for it.

Lori said...

Ooooh it's good beer! Honestly, the best one I've ever tasted. Maui Brewing Co. beer Blonde Lager is really good too. ;)
(BevMo is my dealer)

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