Monday, November 2, 2009

Little Miss Red and a Coconut Smoothie

Ah, Mondays. Some are good. Some are busy. Some are not so enjoyable, as today's is. We have been so busy this morning at work. Phone ringing off the hook, patients coming in, day flying by. But at least it's gorgeous outside! I cannot believe how lucky we are here to have the sun shining and the warm air in November! Love it!

This morning, before work, I got my workout in with a little P90X routine of Back and Biceps and the 16 minute Ab Ripper X. I love getting my workout done first thing in the morning. I always feel like I've rev'ed up my metabolism for the day and stretched out my muscles. Good feeling.

After my workout and shower I made a little superfoods smoothie.

Young coconut water (about 1.5 cups)
Young coconut meat (from 1 coconut)
Handful of Goji berries
1 Tbsp Chocolate Hemp Protein pow
1 Tbsp Raw cacao powder
1 tsp Raw cacao nibs
1 tsp Chia seeds
dash of cinnamon and cayenne
1/4-1/2 tsp Almond extract
1 dropper of Stevia extract or a good pour of agave
Lots of ice

Blend away and enjoy! Sprinkle with raw cacao nibs and dried coconut.

Look at those coconut-opening skills! Pro ;-)

And I was a little slow on getting a few Halloween pictures up so here you are. I'm Little Red Riding Hood, minus the red hood (my sister's costume and not exactly a complete one).

The boyfriend and I (above)

We'll just call it magic "health" juice. haha! Looks cool though!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Monday!!

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Your smoothie looks great!

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